Sunday, October 26, 2014

Flying Pigs, Enhanced Reality & Sketchbook Skool

Wow!! I had no idea what went on in my studio after I went to bed. But thanks to Mattias Adolfsson from Sketchbook Skool,  I found out about the secret lives of my studio inhabitants. 

I wasn't able to sleep, thinking about the homework assignment. So I got up and shuffled in half asleep to my studio. Lo and behold... my Flying Pig collection was having a party!! The Flying Pigs were being rowdy, the Blue Birds of Happiness were singing, and Mr Skull was grumpy about being kept awake.

I grabbed pen and paper, crouched low and drew while trying not to giggle. Here, then, is my homework from Week 3, drawing Enhanced Reality:

(Can click any pics to enlarge)

"Flying Pig Party"

9 x 12 sketchbook
Micron pens, watercolor pencils,
waterbrush, colored pencils,
and white gelly pen

And some close-ups for you:

Happy sketching,



  1. Was this a dream? I like the fuzzy piggy best. The colored banner reminds me of the rolls of candy that came on a string. You have a lot going on in your "enhanced reality", no wonder the skull is screaming about trying to sleep. Tee-hee! I love it!

    1. No, not a "sleeping" dream, anyway. I was thinking about the homework assignment, and thought "what if?". What if the items in my studio had voices; what if they waited for me to go to bed so they could play; what if I could suddenly hear them, what would they be saying... and one thing led to another. :-D
      Thanks, Karen, I appreciate you stopping by. And I have a soft spot for the little fuzzy piggy, too.

  2. Your winged pigs are so adorable. I love seeing the sketches you've been doing. They're awesome.

    1. Thank you, Mary, I appreciate that. :-)