Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Oh boy... new scanner!

Our good ol' Epson scanner finally gave up the ghost. We bought a new one this week...yep, another Epson. They do a great job!

So, as soon as we get it up and running, I will test it out by scanning in the painting I previously promised...the one with the sky that was missing it's stars..with the little rabbit gazing up into the night, dreaming of possibilities.

Happy Painting!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

WIP (Work in Progress) Another Rabbit

Another in my Rabbit Series. This is #2, and it is titled "Joy Comes in the Morning".

The first is my rough color pencil sketch, working out color scheme and values. I actually may do several of these, playing around with ideas...

Since I forgot to take photos of it as I is the finished painting...a little 4" x 4" on canvas, done with Genesis heat-set oils.

Of the four in this series, I think this is my anyway...:-)


Thursday, March 09, 2006

WIP (Work in Progress)

I enjoy seeing WIP's from other artists, so thought I'd share this one. Been working on a Rabbit series; this is #3 in this series. It is Titled: "Oh, The Possibilities!" The accompanying quote is: "Passion bridges the gap between dreamer and doer."

The first is my rough color pencil sketch, where I work out values and color scheme.

The rest show the progression till the end...hope you enjoy it.

This was painted on a little 4"x4" canvas, with Heat-set Genesis Paints. They are soo much fun to use! Just like painting with oils, only they dry instantly whenever you decide, just by applying heat with a heat gun. Too much fun... LOL!

Oh, how funny! I just realized I forgot the stars in the sky!! I'll try to post a picture of it again, after it is REALLY finished..LOL!

Happy painting,