Sunday, December 01, 2013

Virtual Paintout 12: Vevie Goes to Iceland!

Echoes In The Sky

Echoes across time
Whispers of adventure
Sagas retold
Hearts burning
Echoes in the sky

(poem by Retta Stephenson)

November is now Vevie's 12th outing with the Virtual Paintout gang, led by Bill Guffey (HERE).  The year has flown by! One more month and Vevie's travels are over, for she has decided to retire and curl up in her snuggly warm bed. 
Vevie (rhymes with Stevie)

But for this month of November Vevie traveled, via Google Street View, to Iceland. Brrrr! We ended up in Northeast Iceland, in a place I have no idea how to pronounce:

Having been first settled by the Vikings in 874 AD, Iceland is the unofficial protectorate of Viking poetry. Though known as fierce warriors, it surprised me to learn that for Vikings, POETRY was a way of life! They considered it a gift from Odin, and to tell a good poem was to earn one's Viking name.

For my November painting, I chose the following view. It was so typical, with a lone tree and house, a large expanse of land near water. And of course, I couldn't resist adding some Northern Lights!

I played in Photoshop and chose this color scheme, flipped the house to face inward, and added the Northern Lights...

First I toned the canvas with yellows...

Here's the underpainting...

Decided I didn't want the yellow that strong, so washed it over with purples and blues before I went any farther...

Okay, NOW I'm liking the sky! Also worked on the next layers of the foreground and house...

Vevie has joined the scene, the Northern Lights are glowing, and Lo! there are ancient Viking symbols and Rune lettering in the sky. Vevie looks up, dreaming of times gone by...

Though the land is open and sparsely populated, this close up shows the windows of the little house glowing with a friendly welcome to travelers...

Close up of a few of the Viking symbols...

Close up of Vevie, sitting quietly under the night sky, listening... remembering...

And the finished image (can click any pics to enlarge):

"Echoes in the Sky"
Northeast Iceland
9 x 12 acrylic on 
wrapped canvas

Happy painting,