Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Virtual Paintout 17: Lucky Red Boots!

For August the Virtual Paintout gang, led by Bill Guffey  visited Kinmen Island, Taiwan. It's an island rich with history, off the mainland of China. 

We toured around (virtually, of course, via Google Street View) and I was fascinated by a lady walking down a country road. As the little google car with the camera went past her she partially covered her face. 

This view is of her looking back over her shoulder at the camera. I was intrigued, wondering if she was keeping her privacy, or just protecting from dust?? And the light was lovely as it played over her very oriental outfit.

But most of all, it was her RED BOOTS that captured me. Loved them! 

While reading about the island, I found that in China the color Red was considered LUCKY. Hence the title of my painting "Lucky Red Boots". I hope I got the Chinese characters correct. They are supposed to read Lucky Red Boots; my apologies if I got it wrong. :-)

Here is the link to the original street location, in case you'd like to visit for yourself. 

This is my 6 x 9 sketchbook of watercolor
paper. I had previously toned the page
with Indian Yellow. My reference photo
is of the original location. I played 
around in Photoshop with the color 
scheme til satisfied, then printed it out.
I started by applying some loose colors 
with my palette knife for the background:

 Still adjusting background with 
palette knife; adding, scraping off, 
just having fun with it:

Switched to brush; applied some glazes
 to background til satisfied; started 
with a silhouette for the lady:

 Here she is on the easel, finished. I 
added the lettering (hoping I got it right) 
to read Lucky Red Boots in Chinese:

 And a couple of close ups:

And all finished (can click any to enlarge):

"Lucky Red Boots"
Kinmen Island, Taiwan
6 x 9 sketchbook

Happy Painting,