The requisite Artist Statement

Loose the color!
Free the line!
Have fun!
Be bold!

They with a capital T tell us there are rules to writing an "effective" Artist Statement. Well, as with my current art, I've decided to throw out the rules, and just write from my Heart.

It feels as though I've spent a lifetime making art to please others. That's not Their fault. Being mostly self-taught, it was due to my own insecurities. I was praised for the accurate Portraits; received approval for the Realistic paintings; encouraged to "make it look real" both in color and form. 

My passion for color, design and beauty were kept subdued, and in my youth I didn't pursue my art full time.

I no longer need "their" approval, and it feels Wonderful! As Shakespeare wrote: "Boldness be my friend!" Now I feel the freedom to paint from my Heart. 

Life is a gift with an expiration date, and I want to live it to the fullest, painting from a place of honesty and passion, and in gratitude to God for the Love given to me. I want to pass that Love along!   

I love it when others receive joy from my work. That is my fondest hope: to add beauty to the life of others, to be a blessing. To counter the harshness we all experience at times, with uplifting art. But regardless, what you see now, finally, is the Authentic Me.

Color: Bold, playful, loud and daring, next to a bit of lovely quiet neutrals and grays.

Line: I have always enjoyed starting with a foundation of linework, and building upon it. At times the linework shows, other times it melts into the layers. Sometimes it dances, with dots and dashes. And currently, the lines are more organic and alive; curving, meandering, wandering and curious, as though searching for adventure.

Fun: Life can be hard at times... why not add fun, whimsy and joy to lighten our journey?! Sometimes I include symbols and elements that have deeper meanings for me -- that have a Story behind them. Yet even without explanations, I hope my paintings bring beauty and joy to the viewer. 

Boldness: Author/artist Robert Genn said "Be Audacious!" I decided to take that to Heart, and not be timid. But to paint where my Heart leads me. And I hope it leads the viewer to discover beauty, adventure and intimacy in my art, and may their life be enhanced by it.

I want to go out like a shooting star!

And there you have it... too long, too raw, but straight from my Heart to yours, 


"Shoot for the Moon"


  1. Even your statement is bold and sassy like your paintings. It leaves me feeling excited and wanting to go write about something bold and sassy. You are an inspiration to others by being yourself.

    1. Oh, what a fun description: bold and sassy... love it!
      I'll be watching for what you write that is full of B.S. (bold and sassy, bwa ha ha ha ha!)

  2. Gotta agree with Karen. Your art is such fun and your words just add to the experience. Your love for what you do shines through.


    1. Thank you, Anne, I'm so glad you enjoy it!