Friday, January 31, 2014

Virtual Paintout 14: Cape Cod, Massachusetts

This is my second year traveling the world with the Virtual Paintout gang, via Google Street View.  This painting will be my 14th outing. I love it!

Vevie has decided to stay home for awhile, so I'm "traveling" on my own. And this month we visited Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

As I virtually cruised around Cape Cod, this scene caught my eye. The swing in the yard, quiet and still, as though it was patiently waiting to fly again. It brought back fond memories for me. :-)

Here is the original location I chose (can click on any pics to enlarge):

For my little 8 x 8 canvas, I cropped it smaller:

And as usual, I played with color schemes in Photoshop, and here is my final idea:

Toned the canvas with pink:

Started with the sky, then roughed in the house with vine charcoal:

Worked in layers, putting in the background colors first, then building layers up over it:

The image continues around to the sides:

Some close-ups:

And here is my finished painting:

Cape Cod, MA
8 x 8 acrylic on
wrapped canvas

This painting of the swing hanging from the tree brought back memories and made me smile. I hope you enjoyed it, too. Did it stir any memories for you??

Happy painting,


Thursday, January 02, 2014

Virtual Paintout 13: Vevie Goes to Venice!

As the year came to an end, for December the Virtual Paintout     gang went to a gorgeous and romantic place... Venice, Italy. Vevie had a blast riding a virtual gondola along the canals. 

Since I was sick ALL of December, I'm tickled I actually finished this painting, even though I'm late getting it posted here.

Here is the original location, looking into the restaurant Trattoria Sempione. I loved the glow of the chandelier, which actually showed up better in other photos, and the greenery and flowers. (click on any pics to enlarge)

I played in photoshop, and decided on this treatment (Vevie had a dinner date with a suave Italian Gondola Cat, and you can see her up above, peeking to see if he has arrived yet):

I didn't get too many wip photos (work in progress photos), but here are a few:

This is a close up of the some of the wrought iron, old bricks and flowers:

And that lovely chandelier:

We can't forget Vevie:

And the finished painting:

"Are You Here, My Love?"
Calla di San Marco,
Venice Italy
9 x 12 acrylic on
wrapped canvas

As always, anyone is welcome to join the Virtual Paintout gang. Each month Bill Guffey leads us somewhere new in the world, via Google Street View. All the details are HERE, so come, join us for 2014!  

Happy Painting,


Vevie (rhymes with Stevie)