Friday, December 09, 2005

More Coos Bay photos

Jim got up before dawn and took some wonderful night photos. Here are a few of my favorites....the Coos Bay Boardwalk...a sleeping marina...dawn at the fishing pier...

And he even took a photo of my favorite plant...Pampas Grass! We used to play with these as kids, breaking off the tall stalks and using them in mock swordfights. To me, they are so tall and elegant...a very decorative shape, with that feathery flag flying at the top!

Coos Bay, Oregon

We took a trip over to Coos Bay, Oregon in October. Here are a few of my favorite photos Jim took.

Don't know why, but this old crumbling dock intrigues makes me think about times past...memories...the passage of Mom and Dad loved living on the off the docks early in the stirs up bittersweet emotions...I plan to do a painting of it in the future.


Duck, Duck...Goose!

Of course we had to feed the ducks at a little park during our trip to Coos Bay, OR. This big goose was quite at home, strutting around confidently looking for breakfast.