Thursday, March 09, 2006

WIP (Work in Progress)

I enjoy seeing WIP's from other artists, so thought I'd share this one. Been working on a Rabbit series; this is #3 in this series. It is Titled: "Oh, The Possibilities!" The accompanying quote is: "Passion bridges the gap between dreamer and doer."

The first is my rough color pencil sketch, where I work out values and color scheme.

The rest show the progression till the end...hope you enjoy it.

This was painted on a little 4"x4" canvas, with Heat-set Genesis Paints. They are soo much fun to use! Just like painting with oils, only they dry instantly whenever you decide, just by applying heat with a heat gun. Too much fun... LOL!

Oh, how funny! I just realized I forgot the stars in the sky!! I'll try to post a picture of it again, after it is REALLY finished..LOL!

Happy painting,

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