Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Let's Party Medieval Style!

It's another Launch Party!

This times it's my very own sister, author Karen Elizabeth Brown. Today kicks off the official launch of her newest novella, Medieval Muse.

 Back on July 14th (HERE)  I gave you a behind the scenes look at the making of the cover art for Medieval Muse.

Now... we are celebrating the story itself! First, I'll share Karen's "official" announcement, then below that I'll give MY review of the book. Watch out, just because she's my sister, don't expect me to "fudge" with my opinion. ;-)

Medieval Muse
By Karen Elizabeth Brown
What happens when Victoria Budroix receives a cameo that promises to give her the desires of her heart? Since she doesn’t know what that would be, a trip to medieval times, intrigue, threat of war and an overbearing lord are on the list for her to choose from. Or could it be meeting her one true love?
Sir William of Conrad has escorted a stranger home to be under his protection. He discovers this woman speaks her own mind and melts his heart. He faces his father’s outrage and a broken alliance with the neighboring clan by falling in love. 
Medieval Muse is available as a free read from, HERE. 

Karen Elizabeth Brown’s passion for writing is what fills her entire life with exhilarating inspiration. She spends her days writing, doing research and studying about the subjects of her stories.

When she’s not writing, she enjoys music and reading, especially medieval fantasy. Born in Southern California, she migrated to Southern Oregon in 1974 where she now resides in the Rogue Valley with her family and friends. Find out more about the author at her official website. 

Okay, time for my honest review. 

Sister or not... Karen wrote a totally interesting story! I love time travel type tales, and this novella whisks you back to medieval times in an unusual way. 

I could identify with our leading lady. A modern, strong willed, independent and spunky gal who DETESTS having to ask ANY man for "permission" for anything... being plunked down in the middle ages! I enjoyed the humor that situation caused.

I also enjoyed "meeting" the people from the castle. The main characters seemed real and believable, from the castle gossip to the timid scullery maid. And of COURSE our leading man. Poor guy had his hands full with this feisty "Lady" who appears out of nowhere!

I won't give away the ending, but let's just say it didn't leave me grinding my teeth, like some unresolved stories do! It ended "just right". :-)

If you enjoy romantic fantasy, time travel, castles, intrigue, humor, double-crossing women and gossips... well, maybe not those last two. But this was a totally enjoyable novella, just right for a hot summer evening with a tall glass of iced tea.

Happy reading,


PS: Did I mention this was a free download at Smashwords? Just follow the link to Smashwords and download the format that works best for you. And if you enjoy it, would you do my Sis a favor and come back to leave a review at Smashwords? 
Thanks bunches!


  1. Loretta: Thank you for the wonderful review and of course all the beautiful artwork on this book cover!

    I haven't decided wheter or not I'll do a sequel, but if I do, you'll be the first to know.

    1. You're welcome!

      If you do a sequel, you'll just have to have them accidentally whisked into the FUTURE!! :-D

      Let's see... she accidentally activates the cameo again, and it takes her into a future where medieval traditions have been revived and the women are once again subservient!! Oh noes! She's got to get back and change the timeline, since SHE was the one that messed it up with all her talk of her medieval adventures, which stirred up an interest in the past that started a chain of events...

      Ha ha ha, you got me going.

  2. Congrats Karen! Wishing you all success. I downloaded my copy. Hope to get back to reading soon.

    1. So many good stories... so little time! :-D