Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Meet My Studio Assistant!

It's been awhile since I shared some of Jim's photos. I've filled in the gaps with pics from my little Canon Powershot to introduce to you, in photo journalism style, my official Studio Assistant. 

Her name is Joey. She is energetic, mischievous, innocent, always in a good mood, and far too intelligent for her own good.

Did you say... she must be a Mini-Schnauzer?? Why yes, you are correct!! Her nickname when she was a baby was Greased Lightening. :-D

Without further ado, here is this little Mini-Schnauzer's story in picture form.

(You can click on any to enlarge)

I hope you enjoyed meeting my Studio Assistant, Joey!


PS: Why does Joey make such a good Studio Assistant??

  • She is ALWAYS in a good mood, and it's contagious.
  • I MUST pick up after myself, or she will steal stuff to use as Toys.
  • She can tell time; always tells me when it's time for Jim to get home, so I can wrap up what I'm doing.
  • She will always get excited when the Kitties show up, so I know to cover any open paint.
  • She is high energy and needs my attention often; keeps me from sitting too long in one position and letting rigor mortis set it :-D
  • Did I mention she is always in a good mood?? That is partly how she got her name, because she is so full of JOY. :-)


  1. Anonymous4:43 PM

    :D Love the long hair look! I'm glad you and Joey are now work mates. :D


    1. To help her be cooler in the summer, we clipped the top half in the traditional short Mini-Schnauzer look.

      We. ha ha ha, I mean ME. Anyway, I didn't like the scalped look, so left the bottom long, just trimmed a little. I have to check daily for ticks anyway, so can do that while I comb her.

      I always know when she's had enough "grooming". She gently gums my hand with her mouth, making little rraww rraww rraww sounds. Or else, she will jump off the table into my lap and snuggle up, knowing I have to stop! So funny!

  2. She's so adorable. I love that she rides around in your apron pocket.

    1. Thanks Mary. It's amazing now that she was that little to ride in the pocket!

  3. The pictures of Joey are adorable! I love the one where she has been entertaining herself!

    1. Yes, she sure can look "innocent" when needs be! Thanks for stopping by, Sherry. :-)