Thursday, April 09, 2015

How To Instantly Feel VERY Encouraged!

The answer: shock yourself by winning a contest for your art!!! :-D

I am sooo excited to announce that a painting of mine won first prize in a contest. Wowzer! That's a first for me, and I could get used to it, ha ha!

The backstory: Recently I created my own website for my paintings at  

This is in affiliation with Fine Art America,  a print-on-demand publisher of quality photographs and art prints. 

Before I chose them as my publisher, I ordered some products myself, to check out the quality. I didn't want my name going out on something I wasn't proud of, ya know?

I was impressed with the quality. The colors are true to my originals, and the finish on the papers, cards and prints is outstanding. So... I signed up.

One of the things I enjoy at FAA (Fine Art America) is the community. There are forums, discussions, groups, and.... contests!

That brings me back to my exciting news. I entered "Shoot for the Moon" in a contest called Spring Churches. There were tons of beautiful photographs and paintings entered. So imagine my joy when mine WON! 

Really, it was my friends on Facebook that supported me by taking their time to go and vote. I am truly humbled by that. I know how busy everyone is these days. So I thank you so much.

Whenever I get discouraged, and feel like a tiny drop of water in a huge ocean of art, I will look at this and remember the kindness and support given to me, and to never forget to shoot for the moon!

Happy painting,


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  1. Yay!!!!! You really are *that talented*!!! I'm glad you are starting to realize it. :-)