Monday, March 30, 2015

Virtual Paintout 23: Greenland - More Than Meets the Eye!

March found the Virtual Paintout gang in Greenland! 

What a fascinating place. It was summertime when the GoogleStreet View car went to Greenland, and I was entertained by all the dogs obviously on vacation for the summer from their usual winter sled-doggie duties. 

I saw dozens of packs lounging around, catching sun or carefully eyeing the google camera as it drove by. This fellow caught my eye... with his ONE peeking eye.

He was curled up on a warm rock, and behind him in the bay was a gorgeous iceburg, half hidden under the water.

I chuckled because the dog also looked half hidden, curled up with his nose tucked into his warm tail, yet peeking out with that one alert eye. (As usual, can click on any images to enlarge)

Here's the original location of my painting:

A close up of my spotted furry friend:

And the finished painting:

"Half Hidden"
Siaqqissoq, Greenland
9 x 12 acrylic on
watercolor paper

Happy painting,


PS: I haven't mentioned it in awhile, but Virtual Paintout is open to all artists of most traditional mediums, of all skill ranges. So please feel free to check us out at the Virtual Paintout blog. It really is a blast painting all around the world. We never know where we'll end up at the first of every month til our leader, artist Bill Guffey, posts the new location. Join us!?

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