Friday, January 30, 2015

Virtual Paintout 21: What's For Lunch??

For the first month of this new year the Virtual Paintout gang went to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Gorgeous state! Lots of historic sites and statues, rich with meaning. 

I passed by (virtually, using Google Street View) this lovely open area on Lemon Hill Drive and noticed the covered picnic area in a beautiful park-like setting. Then my imagination took over, and I thought "what if?"...

Lemon Hill Drive location:

What if folks were enjoying a peaceful picnic on a beautiful afternoon...
What if suddenly they noticed the ground vibrating, and heard loud growling sounds...
What if "something" was coming...
What if the screaming started, and everyone took off at a dead run...

And what if an uninvited Mother and child showed up at the picnic?? (can click images to enlarge)

"Uninvited Picnic Guests"
6 x 9 sketchbook

Ink, watercolors, colored 
pencils and watercolor pencil

Happy sketching,



  1. What an awesome painting. I have such a soft spot for dinos. :)

    1. I thought about something you once wrote while painting this... you liked movies with big reptiles eating people, or something like that. Glad you like it! :-D