Friday, January 09, 2015

A Peek at my Week

Week 1 of Sketchbook Skool is at an end. Our 2nd homework assignment from teacher Danny Gregory was to "Document Your Week." Oh, and use no pencil first. Aarrgh...

Since my photo turned out less than sharp and the writing is too small, I'll tell you what it's about.

I drew stuff that caught my eye:

  • A dino model.
  • My 15 yr old Charlie plant I was watering. 
  • Christmas decor still to be packed. 
  • My studio hours sign (now just to get OTHERS to take me seriously!). 
  • A fav ceramic fridge magnet. 
  • A stuffed black & white tuxedo cat that guards my studio.
  • Sugar-free Amaretto DaVinci syrup right before adding to my chipped coffee mug. 
  • Two new rubber stamps that I tried out for the first time around the edges. 
  • A fav quote taped up in my studio. 
  • A mechanical pencil with Je Suis Charlie next to it. 
  • And that brown & white furball is Joey, my 4 year old Mini Schnauzer. She likes to take afternoon naps in my studio.
(can click to enlarge)

In 9 x 12 Visual Journal Sketchbook, Pitt pens, watercolor, watercolor pencils and waterbrush, and colored pencil. 

The hardest part, for me? No pencil first!

Happy sketching!



  1. No pencil first? Lawww now that's impressive. I love this kind of art! Beautifully done.
    Love Love LOVE


    1. Thank you so much, Margaret.
      Yeah, no pencil (and eraser) first is a challenge. But then, that was what part of the lesson was about. I guess I learn the most from the lessons that are outside my comfort zone. But, it's been interesting trying out new things. Some, I'll probably not do again. Others, I might try again. But it's all fun.