Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Speed Doodling & A Freebie

This shiny new year of 2012 I've been stepping outside my comfort zone to learn new things, to have new adventures!

Thus... for the first time ever I had a video camera pointed at me while I drew! It was a small doodle, but it was in INK... no pencil, no eraser, no plan. Just "leave a blank word bubble in the middle" and let 'er rip! 

I am offering the finished Word Bubble as a free download to anyone who would like. You can choose your own inspiring word for the middle, and finish it however you want... color, paint, glitter, collage, cut up and re-form it... go for it! 

If you have a blog or somewhere you post photos, I'd love to see what you ended up with. Just come back and leave a link in the comments. 

The main thing:

 Just have fun with it!

(Be sure to click to enlarge, and then download the large version, not the thumbnail)

On my birthday recently my sister Karen (her Writers blog is HERE) gave me a birthday card with this quote:
"In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit." --Albert Schweitzer

And that is why the word I have chosen for my Word Bubble is: Fire! 

Here is my Word Bubble after adding my word...

This coming week, I plan to play around and finish mine. I drew it with a black Pitt Artist Pen, size Medium, in a 5 x 8 Aquabee Sketchpad, and the paper is on the thin side. So I think I'll first seal the page (both sides) with a clear medium. Then I can play with my acrylics, or Neocolor II's (here)  which are watersoluble artist crayons (LOVE them) or whatever strikes my fancy. So by coating the paper I don't have to worry about it being messed up by the moisture. I might even rub in some Pearl-Ex powders if the mood strikes. :-) 

Here is my first art video in "speed drawing"  time-lapse mode. The original was 67 minutes long! This version is a mere 6 minutes and change. :-D

Speed Doodle Word Bubble #1 by Retta

(For a larger version that's easier to see, you 
can go to my YouTube page, Here)

By the way, next time I'll leave a larger blank in the middle... this one was on the dinky side. And I'm hoping to buy a better camera soon... no more fuzzies!

Edited to add: here is the link to the finished doodle, with my word Fire in it and colorized.

Happy doodling,


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