Monday, January 09, 2012

Playing With Headers

Last year I designed a blog header for a friend. She ended up having to close her blog for health reasons, and didn't get to use the design. Here it was:

I liked the design and font... it fit the feel of her blog very well. And I loved using the image from outer space for the background. So recently when a couple of bloggers wanted to give their sites a facelift, I thought it would be fun to use that idea again.

And what fun it was! I made two, one for a friend and one for my sister. They were done with the individual preferences, needs and personalities in mind. 

For both backgrounds, I used free images from the NASA space photo gallery, and then added text with Photoshop.

Here are smaller versions of each (can click to enlarge):

I enjoyed those projects so much I was inspired to spruce up my own blog... my other one, that is. I used an image that I had painted on 4 x 4 canvas, scanned it in to my computer, and in Photoshop added my blog name and tagline next to it. The image is extremely meaningful to me. It was from my Transformation Series, all butterflies. Here is how it turned out:

Happy painting,



  1. Hey! I love your new blog! The colors are some of my favorite. But the green in my new header is now my favorite. Sometimes I go there just to look at my new blog! Ah! What fun!

  2. Thanks for visiting, Margaret, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :-)