Monday, September 29, 2014

Virtual Paintout 18: Swedish Teddy Bears!

For September the Virtual Paintout gang took off for Sweden! Our fearless leader, Bill Guffey  chose the city of Gothenburg for our destination. 

I went site-seeing and ended up at the seaside. I was delighted to discover that the Google camera guy had somehow gone INSIDE the seaside resort. All the rooms were empty but beautifully set up, as though expecting guests at any moment. (You can visit HERE and guide the camera around inside the resort; it's fun).

Then I saw it. A big wicker box next to a crackling fireplace. And in the box lay a Teddy Bear. 

I instantly felt it. A feeling of patiently waiting... eager and ready to be loved, and wanting to give love in return. The little bear has a specific and wonderful purpose in life, a destiny. 

I had to paint it.

Here is the original image:
(can click any pics to enlarge) 

And here is my interpretation of it:

"Waiting To Be Loved"
Gothenburg, Sweden
6 x 9 sketchbook

Had to have a Teddy Bear close up:

Thank you for looking, hope you enjoyed it. And as always, anyone is welcome to join the monthly excursions with the Virtual Paintout gang. HERE is where you can find all the deets.

Happy painting!



  1. That is an inspiring setting. I could live there. What you did with the color is fantastic. You turned that room and bear into warm hugs.

    1. What a wonderful comment, thank you so much, Mary!