Friday, April 26, 2013

Virtual Paintout 5: Vevie Goes to Bulgaria!

For the month of April, Vevie and the gang from the Virtual Paintout (HERE) went to Bulgaria, via Google Street View!

(can click on any pics to enlarge)

I've come to believe that as long as there shines a Moon in the sky, so shall the Bulgarian people endure. 

I'm not talking political parties or governments. I mean the true people of Bulgaria. I was moved to tears as I read Bulgaria's tumultuous history. Here is my nutshell version:

They are an ancient people, with rich traditions. The first Bulgarian Empire was established in 681 AD, and was a cultural hub for the Slavic peoples during the Middle Ages.

But in 1396 they came under the rule of the Ottoman Empire for the next 5 CENTURIES. After many uprisings over the years, they won their country back about 1878. 

Conflicts... wars... and eventually Bulgaria became a socialist state in 1946, ruled by the Communist Party. 

Finally, in 1989 the people were allowed their first-ever free elections, and transitioned to a democracy.

Bulgarians have endured such suffering and hard times over the centuries, yet even when almost wiped out as a people, they survived. They endured. 

They are not a rich people on average, but have a rich heritage. Isolated monasteries and Catholic communities played a large role in preserving the sense of national identity when it was threatened with extinction.

They struggle even now to come up to the "standards" of other European countries. But they are trying. And I am sure nothing will stop the people of Bulgaria. 

I call my painting "Shoot For The Moon" in their honor:

Now, to the WIPs (making-of photos):

My inspiration location, 
Smolyan Province, Bulgaria:

I ran it through Photoshop, 
played with color, and
decided on this night scene:

Used vine charcoal this time to 
draw the image onto the canvas. 
Ugh... didn't like all the smearing:

Softened it with Paynes Gray acrylic, 
then sealed with medium:

Loose the color! 
Underpainting with Transparent Yellow 
and Quinacridone Magenta:

Blocked in the sky, clouds, 
moon and parts of the church:

Finished up the block in, and added 
the next several layers; haven't added 
the black yet for the tree silhouettes, 
wrought iron fence, and Vevie:

All finished! 
Here showing how the image 
wraps around to the sides:

Close-up of the church:

Vevie would feel left out if 
she didn't get her own close-up:

And once again, the finished painting:

"Shoot For The Moon"
Smolyan Province, Bulgaria
9 x 12 acrylics 
on wrapped canvas

Vevie (rhymes with Stevie) says thank you for visiting and Happy Painting!



  1. The colors are stunning! Such rich color to go with the rich history you painted. Thank you for sharing more than just a painting. It makes the art come to life.

    1. I find it fascinating to read about the places we visit each month. I'm so glad you liked it... thank you!

  2. Thank you for showing the method used to accomplish the finished result!

    1. I always love to see the process, so thought others might, too. Glad you enjoyed it, Nancy!

  3. Wow Love this work, Great Colour and use of contrast