Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just For the Love of It

You don't need to be an official "expert" to share your passion with others!

This coming Saturday my photographer husband, Jim, is leading an outdoor photography field trip. He's taking his litle class of 11 to a beautiful and famous park in Ashand, Oregon, Lithia Park.  This 93 acre park, with 2 duck ponds, is one of his favorite places for gorgeous photos.

While announcing the class, Jim was asked: "What makes YOU an expert?" 

Jim's answer was: "I don't know that I am, but I'm just sharing with others what I know." And I also know, without even trying, he will be passing along his passion for finding "the" photo. He can't help it... he loves it, and it comes out.

Painting and photography have so much in common, so I find his class interesting.

Here's are some of his class handouts (can click to enlarge):

(example of using reflections and the Rule of Thirds)

(example of lighting effects)

(example of movement & reflections)

(example of the Golden Hour)

(example of composition and back lighting)

(example of a macro as subject 
matter and lighting effects)

(example of natural framing)

(example of showing size and proportion)

(example of low light 
and unusual composition)

And lastly, one of my favs: an old tough craggy tree above Crater Lake, Oregon. To me, it speaks of strength, determination, and power. No matter what, it's there, strong and proud. For whatever reason, that speaks to my heart, and I cheer it on.

(example of drama with silhouettes)

Happy painting, even if you don't feel you are an "expert",



  1. Love all these photos...My daughter is into photography and she has that "eye" for getting "the" picture...

  2. So glad you enjoyed them, Jules. :-)

  3. Wow! The photos are incredible! It inspires me to write something about them! They are definitely a learning experience!

  4. Thanks, Karen, I'm happy you enjoyed them.

  5. Awesome and inspiring. We were down in Medford over the weekend. What's the big mountain with the snow on it? Pretty valley.

  6. Hi Mary.
    That's Mt McLoughlin. It's the lava cone on top of a volcano. The Klamath Indians call it M'laiksini Yaina, which sounds much more poetic to me. It last erupted 30,000 years ago, so I think we're safe. :-)