Friday, March 09, 2012

Having Fun With Posters

One of the things I enjoy creating for my other blog are motivational posters, using either my art or Jim's photography. 

Today I thought I'd share just a few of those. But first I'll share the simple process for anyone new to it, and who might like to make one of their own.

The process:

  • Usually I start out with the idea first: what do I want to say?
  • Next, if I don't already have an image in mind, I'll cruise our archives for one that seems to fit.
  • Using a copy (NEVER mess with the original) I run it through Photoshop, cropping as necessary, and then add the text.
  • Most of the time, I will finish the edges some way. Sometimes I create the typical black-edged poster look (in that case, do this first, then add the text). Other times, I'll add a "frame" around it.
  • I save it in the original PSD format then create a separate image that is a web-sized version, with lower resolution. That's one way for an artist/photographer to be able to share their art, yet not make it easy for thieves out there to swipe it. 

Not that there is any guarantee against thieves... if you need a guarantee, then you probably shouldn't be showing your work on the internet, LOL! 

Me? I'm at peace with it... I do what I can, then let it go. 

So here they are, the posters (can click any to enlarge):

Happy poster making,



  1. What a fun post! The process each artist goes through, the pathway to finished art, is always fascinating to me. Thanks!

    1. I like reading about process, too, so I thought others might find it interesting.
      Thanks for stopping by, Robin!

  2. Very nice, Loretta. I've been working on book covers this week ... Hetty Locklear is the bane of my existence. But I learned from someone this week about powerpoint. Ah! Now I can make fancier titles. I'm stoked. I wish I had your talents though. You may have noted your art in the Backworlds cover. :)

  3. Oh dear, my art blog is being flooded with visitors. A whole herd of two! LOL!

    Hi Mary! Yes, I was so tickled when I saw Craze's face floating among the stars on your bookcover. I love how you made it so ethereal. You really have a feel for this.