Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Going Nuts with Detail!

Finally getting around to posting the last drawing of the last week of this semester of Sketchbook Skool! Boo hoo, I'm sorry it's over. It was such a fun 6 weeks! 

Each week we were exposed to a different teacher with new methods, materials and suggestions to help us step outside our comfort zone and experiment. 

No, they were not trying to get us to paint like THEM. Rather, to be open to new ideas and approaches, to play around, and incorporate anything WE really enjoyed into our regular artwork.

For the last lesson we had an outstanding artist and author: Tommy Kane. Wow, right up my "detailed" alley! He LOVES detail, the more the better. 

After watching the teaching videos, our homework was to draw a VERY detailed drawing from within our own home. 

Here then is my uber detailed drawing, first the black and white version and then, after adding the color. What a blast this was! (can click images to enlarge).

My Computer Guardians
9 x 12 sketchbook; ink, watercolor
and colored pencil

Happy sketching,



  1. Wonderful, Retta! Do you really have all that stuff around your computer area? And is it always so neat and tidy?!

    1. Thank you, Peter. Oh sure, it's always neat and tidy when I draw it. Just don't look any other time, mwa ha ha.