Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sketchbook Skool &Remembering the Colors of Rembrandt

Oh no, say it ain't so!

This was the last week (of 6) of this session of Sketchbook Skool, called Storytelling.

I've enjoyed it SO much, so decided not to rush this lesson. I'm taking my time with the homework assignment, and thoroughly "sucking the marrow out of it", to paraphrase Henry David Thoreau.

I took my color scheme for the first page from some Rembrandt sketches I studied online. He's famous for the drama of his paintings, but Rembrandt also did wonderful preparatory sketches (ha ha, how's that for name dropping).

This is the first page of several to come. I'm loosely planning on 5 pages. This is the Intro page, with small sketches featuring our fearless leader, Danny Gregory. I took the reference photos from his road trip video he filmed for this Lesson.

First, the close ups (can click any to enlarge):

Mugging for the camera in 
Albuquerque, New Mexico:

His yellow sunglasses caught my fancy 
at the Grand Canyon stop:

And I couldn't pass up the cowboy hat in Texas:

Here's the whole Intro page for my homework 
project I'm titling "My Trip to the Moon & Back":

Intro Page from 
"My Trip to the Moon & Back"
Pitt pens, colored pencils, 
watercolor pencils, waterbrush, 
white gelly pen, on paper 
toned with acrylic

Happy sketching,



  1. What a fun bit of learning you've embarked upon. What's better is, I get to view the results. I really like how much you pack into these pages. They're fun to look at and study.

    1. Thanks, Mary. It's been a fun class. I need to kick myself now, and get the rest of this lesson finished. :-D